Welcome to Fias Aromi

FIAS produces natural flavors, extracts, and flavors, in liquid, emulsion, and powder form.

Giving life more flavor for 50 years

Producing food flavorings means satisfying many people’s tastes; our clients’ clients. With companies, we establish open collaboration, and share in a journey that begins with the search for the right flavor, extending all the way up to the production stage. We understand their needs and those of the markets, which means we know how to tackle emergencies and resolve problems.

Our flavors are in the foods we eat every day; that is why we take so much care when making them. We work in accordance with the standards of certification FSSC 22000, which is centred on food safety and health. We also produce tasty flavors for foods dedicated to those with dietary restrictions, diet foods, and for anyone following an organic, Kosher, or Halal diet.

Luciano Cunial was a chemist with a passion for flavors. After managing factories producing Italian drinks famous worldwide, he created F.I.A.S. Fabbrica Italiana Aromi Speciali. His son and daughters—Paolo, Luisa, and Silvia—built upon the research and innovation, expanded the product range, and established new relationships with companies both in Italy and overseas. The third generation is already hard at work.